Health Information Management (Medical Records)

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Health Information Management (Medical Records)

Medical Records

Medical Records Now Called Health Information Management (HIM)

A tremendous amount of information is generated by a hospital visit. As patients are diagnosed and treated the Health Information Management (HIM) department collects and stores information about each patient. This record includes information the patient provides about their symptoms and medical history, and also the results of examinations, reports of X-ray and laboratory tests, and diagnoses and treatment plans.

HIM is committed to patient privacy and release of information is made with strict adherence to all Local, State, and Federal Laws. Patients may direct requests for copies of their records to the HIM/Medical Records by calling (818) 885-8500 ext. 2980. Requests to have records sent to health care providers for continued care are provided at no charge. There is a nominal fee for all other requests.

Other areas managed by the HIM department include coding, transcription, deficiency analysis, physician record completion, and clerical staff. The coding section performs coding on all inpatient and outpatient services.

The department employs only credentialed and experienced coders that are certified through the American Health Information Management Association, a nationally recognized association for medical record professionals.

The HIM department works closely with many other departments in the hospital. HIM works with the administration department on billing and collections issues.

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