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Pediatric Services

For a pediatrician at Northridge call 1-877-417-WELL.

Our new Pediatric Unit is modern and kid-friendly with features that include:

  • A Pediatric Intensivist available onsite 24/7
  • Most advanced medical equipment available, sized to fit children from infants to teens
  • Parent friendly rooms to accommodate overnight stays
  • A playroom with floor to ceiling windows to allow children to experience the healing effect of natural sunlight

When a child is sick or injured, Northridge Pediatric Medical Center (PMC) is the Valley’s first choice for emergent care. We are the San Fernando Valley’s first designated Pediatric Medical Center, and the first Pediatric Trauma Center. The PMC designation supports Los Angeles County’s goal to transport 9-1-1 patients to the right place the first time.

Traumatic injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in children, making immediate, life-saving medical care crucial. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) provides an extra measure of critical care medical support. The 14-bed PICU is certified by California Children’s Services (CCS).

Child Life Specialists

A Child Life Specialist (CCLS) is a professional who is specially trained to help children and their families understand and manage challenging life events and stressful healthcare experiences. Our specialists are skilled in providing developmental, educational, and therapeutic interventions for children and their families.

They support growth and development while recognizing family strengths and individuality, and respecting different methods of coping. While our CCLS is assigned to the PICU and Pediatrics department she is available to cover all areas of the hospital.


Our Certified Child Life Specialist has earned a Master's degree with an educational background that includes human growth and development, education, psychology, and counseling. CCLS are required to complete an internship program in a healthcare setting, a rigorous application and a board certification exam. Plus, they are certified through a program administered by the Child Life Council.

What Does A Child Life Specialist Do?

  • Helps patients develop ways to cope with fear, anxiety, separation, and adjustment to the hospital experience.
  • Provides consultation to the health care team regarding developmental and psychosocial issues.
  • Provides preparation and individualized support before, during, and after medical procedures.
  • Facilitates developmentally appropriate play, including medical play, at the bedside and in the playroom.

You Can Help!
Donations to the Child Life Program at Northridge Hospital are deeply appreciated! All items donated to the Child Life Program must be NEW! Gift cards are always a great way to donate!

Due to our limited storage space and specific patient needs, we ask groups to choose from the following items only:

  • Crayons & Markers (8 & 16 pack)
  • No Spill Bubbles
  • Coloring books/Paint-by numbers
  • Barbie Dolls/small dolls
  • Hot wheels/small cars
  • Infant toys/rattles/mobiles (toys must be all plastic)
  • Playdoh/Model Magic
  • Small Lego kits/Bionicles/models
  • Action figures (super heroes, Dora, Transformers, etc.)
  • Beads and jewelry kits
  • New Release DVD’s (English and Spanish)

How to Donate
To make delivery donation arrangements please call 818-885-8500, ext 5452.

You Can Volunteer
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Child Life Department and making a difference in the lives of our pediatric patients please contact Volunteer Services at 818-885-8500, ext. 2961.

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