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Gastric bypass surgery changed Jessica's life since her surgery in June 2009. After working with a nutritionist was not successful she turned to the weight loss surgery at Northridge Hospital. Watch her story in her own words.

Our team offers a range of bariatric surgery options including gastric banding, gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, minimally invasive and robotic assisted weight loss surgery. Our goals are to find the best treatment option and to provide support after weight loss surgery to help you reach your goal weight..

Minimally Invasive Sleeve Gastrectomy
Maureen Kropf lost 87.5 pounds


Working in the movie industry may sound glamorous, but as a Set Painter, Maureen Kropf’s obesity left her sore, breathless and physically exhausted.  

With a BMI of 35.8 and a weight of 221.5 pounds, she suffered from diabetes, swollen ankles and feet, arthritis and joint pain, and urinary stress incontinence. “I tried every diet but nothing worked,” she explains. “When I was placed on medication for Type II diabetes, I got serious.”

It’s been one year since Maureen’s surgery and she’s lost 87.5 pounds—that’s 100 percent of her excess weight. Today, she weighs 134 pounds with a BMI of 22.3 and no longer takes medication for Type II diabetes. Read more of Maureen's story in our community newsletter, or hear her tell story in her own words, plus two more patients stories told in their own words.

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