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Leavey Cancer Center

For a consultation, or questions, call 818-885-5431.

Nowhere in the San Fernando Valley will you find more leading-edge cancer technology and world-class oncology specialists than at the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Cancer Center. Using molecular diagnostics and cancer therapy to tailor a treatment plan that’s optimized for each patient, We CAN now locate and treat cancers so precisely, that outcomes are better, faster and less invasive than ever before!

We are fully-accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer as a Comprehensive Cancer Center since 1980. Learn more about our cancer expertsadvanced radiation therapy, cancer surgery, and how we support you during your recovery and beyond.

If you are newly diagnosed we have information to help you. If you would like information on treating specific cancers follow the links below:

Transcending Illness With a Healing Environment
From the most advanced technology resulting in better clinical outcomes, to a healing environment that fosters integrative health and a sense of well being --- the newly expanded Cancer Center’s research-based design offers treatment for the entire person.

With warm finishes, live plants and water accents, as well as access to a lending library and meditation gardens and sanctuaries for rest and reflection, our Center exudes a nurturing and therapeutic environment. To learn more about our Cancer Center ... check out the "We CAN" issue of our community newsletter.

Advanced Radiation
The Harold & Carole Pump Department of Radiation Oncology is the only treatment center in the San Fernando Valley that provides an impressive selection of advanced treatment options like IMRT, Brachytherapy and Mammosite. We also proudly boast a paperless electronic patient medical record system ensuring the utmost in accuracy. The Trilogy© Linear Accelerator Stereotactic System presents a new direction in cancer care with power, precision and versatility that revolutionizes radiation therapy.

Trusted Chemotherapy
Innovative multi-modality therapies offer patients the newest approaches while minimizing side-effects. Some of the most exciting and promising advances in cancer treatment today are in the field of targeted therapy when used with chemotherapy.

Leading-Edge Cancer Surgery
Using traditional approaches, minimally-invasive techniques or the latest in image-guided techniques, our cancer specialists are extraordinarily precise in removing the cancer while preserving as much normal tissue and function as possible. These leading-edge cancer technologies increase the chances for survival: da Vinci Si Robotic Assisted Surgery for gynecological and prostate cancer; BrainLAB Image-guided Navigation System for surgery of head and neck cancers; Gamma Knife for radiosurgery of brain cancer; and Radiofrequency Ablation and Portal Vein Embolization for liver cancer.

State-of-the-Art Imaging
The Diagnostic Imaging Department and Imaging Center feature technology unparalleled in the Valley and a broad range of expertise from more than 20 sub-specialty radiologists. Advanced imaging services include: PET/CT, Digital Mammography, 64-slice CT, Triphasic CT scanning and Angiography.

Adjunctive Therapy
The Leavey Cancer Center offers therapies such as hormone therapy to slow cancer growth; image-guided therapy for liver or pancreatic cancer; immunotherapy to boost the immune system; Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping for melanoma and breast cancer; biochemotherapy- a mix of chemotherapy and an immune boosting therapy or drug therapy.

If you or a loved one is looking for compassionate cancer care, call the Leavey Cancer Center at 818-885-5431.

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