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Family Medicine Residency Program

Affiliated with David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


The Northridge Family Medicine Residency Program was established in 1976 and is affiliated with David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Our program has a full five year ACGME accreditation and has graduated over 200 family physicians practicing in Southern California and across the nation.


As an unopposed program, we offer well-rounded curriculum and experiences. Our program is firmly committed to providing quality healthcare to the underserved and to our community outreach programs. The program supports learning through active patient care supported by ready and available physician staff mentors.

Family physician preceptors are the mainstay of teaching in the Family Practice Center and are complemented by our pediatric, obstetrical, and surgical faculty. In addition, a health educator and nutritionist provide teaching and ancillary services.

Northridge Residency ... What makes our program unique?

  1. Northridge is a community hospital, but because we are in Los Angeles, and a trauma center, our patients and their illnesses are as various as those in a large teaching hospital.
  2. We are part of a nonprofit community center institution that combines private practice with generous charity care for our needy patients. You will care for all patient demographics. You won't have to go to a free clinic to do community service every day.
  3. Our inpatient medicine service rivals those in internal medicine, with teaching by both internists and family doctors. Each resident works one on one with an attending physician for the length of the rotation. Daily radiology rounds, work rounds, and educational rounds supplement active care in the ICU and the nursing floors.
  4. The inpatient pediatrics rotation is vibrant -- and it’s right here in our community hospital. There’s no need to drive to another hospital; here at Northridge, residents care for patients on the pediatrics floor and PICU.
    A recent resident ran a pediatrics floor in a hospital in Haiti and was thankful for the confidence her Northridge experiences had given her.
  5. Sports and musculoskeletal medicine are important parts of every resident’s experience. Our sports fellowship trained faculty member supervises sports clinics twice a week, supervises nearby high school football games on site, and leads an active didactic program. Residents work at California State University Northridge in the sports medicine department, and we are instituting a monthly OMM clinic in our Family Practice Center.

A Message From the Director

To Our Prospective Applicants and Current Residents Congratulations!

Now that you have made the decision to become a Family Doctor, I have the honor of welcoming you to this special group of dedicated professionals.

Family physicians have always played a significant role in our nation’s healthcare, and we are preparing for increased importance as our country moves toward healthcare reform.

Indeed, this is an exciting time to become a family physician, and we welcome your interest in the Northridge Family Medicine Residency Program.

Evidence shows that your patients, the patients tended to by a family physician will be healthier because they have you in their life.

Our program is committed to creating an environment to will enable and empower you to become an excellent family physician. We are dedicated to challenge and inspire you to learn across all medical settings. From the hospital and office, to skilled nursing homes, and patients’ homes you will learn side-by-side with our outstanding, veteran medical staff, nurses and, of course, your peers in our family medicine program.

At Northridge, you will learn the essential skills to be a great family doctor, whether you work as primary care physician in communities, hospitalists, geriatricians, sports doctors or family medicine educators. Northridge offers excellence in maternity care, sports medicine, hospital care and ambulatory family medicine in a wide range of settings.

Our program makes us proud, but our legacy is our graduates.

We are proud of the physicians who have completed our program and the amazing work they do in communities through out California, the United States and abroad. Our graduates include the current President of the California Family Physicians, a California Family Physician of the Year, educators at residency programs across the state and the country, leaders in large multispecialty groups like Kaiser Permanente or small models based on private practice, Federally Qualified clinics caring for the poor and those who do outreach trips to countries all over the world.

What makes Northridge unique?

We are located in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, a vibrant cosmopolitan setting. People come to the area come from many different cultures and backgrounds. In our residency program, your education will be enriched by the opportunity to serve a wide ranging population, including the neediest. You will serve those who lack resources and need healthcare the most. This is precisely why our program is well positioned to help shape the family physicians need most by our county as we reform our healthcare system. We also have the benefit of being the only residency in a large tertiary hospital so our residents have the experience of truly managing challenging patients and developing skills and confidence necessary to succeed in virtually any demanding healthcare environment.

Additionally, we are a close family of passionate educators, devoted staff and bright and idealist residents who care for patients together in a supportive and challenging environment.

Being a physician is not a job; it is a calling.

Our residency supports a dynamic and ever-changing learning environment for young physicians. We balance the need for intense and fulfilling educational experiences with emphasis on personal growth, and support for life outside of the program.

If you are a motivated, caring and idealistic student we want to give you the experience, knowledge and skills to become the physician you want to be. Respected, confident, capable and caring, are you the resident we are looking for?

If so, then we want you to join the group of Family Physicians here at Northridge Family Medicine.

Pamela M. Davis, MD
Northridge Family Medicine Residency Program

Contact Information:
Carol Ruiz
Residency Coordinator
Northridge Family Medicine Residency Program
18406 Roscoe Blvd
Northridge, CA 91325
818-885-8500, ext. 2456 or 818-993-4054
Fax: 818-727-0793

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