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For a consultation at Northridge call 1-818-700-5648.

Exceeds national & regional averages for discharging patients home from CARF accredited rehab units.

The Center has proudly served Southern California since 1970 and is a full-service, comprehensive rehabilitation program suited to treat patients of all ages who have suffered catastrophic or debilitating injury or illness, including traumatic brain injury.

Since Northridge Hospital is a designated Adult & Pediatric Trauma Center. We often treat rehabilitation patients from the point of injury. We also accept patient referrals nationwide. For inpatient services call 818-700-5648, and for outpatient services call 818-885-5334.

Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine helps patients regain abilities and control of their lives. We offer treatment for all major disabling conditions, including spinal cord, brain injury, stroke, multiple trauma, amputation, neurological disorders, arthritis, and orthopedic problems.

Special programs for spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke and multiple trauma are offered by the Center. The goal of our rehabilitation program is to deliver exceptional patient care to maximize each individual’s skills and independence. This is accomplished under the direction of Board-certified physiatrists and the skills of the entire Care Team who evaluate each patient and develop an integrated treatment plan that addresses individual needs. The holistic approach of treating patients within the context of family and community best enables them to resume as normal a life as possible.

Family members and partners in care receive extensive education and training to care for their loved ones and are encouraged to observe and participate in treatment. Support is also provided by our Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and Stroke Support Groups.

The Joint Commission (TJC) accredits the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) also accredits the Center for Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Program.

Equipment Donations
Do you have therapy equipment that you no longer need? The Center for Rehabilitation is accepting donations of manual wheelchairs, walkers and commodes. We are unable to accept donations of power wheelchairs or scooters. These donations will be used to assist patients who do not have insurance coverage for equipment. Equipment should be functional and in good repair. To donate equipment, please contact Debra Horwits, Director of Rehabilitation Services, at 818-885-8500 x3669 or

Personalized Care


Ten years ago, Los Angeles TV KABC Reporter Adrienne Alpert made national headlines when her news van’s microwave dish hit a power line causing severe electrical burns. A quadruple amputee, Adrienne lost most of her left arm and right leg, and a portion of her right hand and left foot.

Adrienne spent 65 days at the Grossman Burn Center before transferring to the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine at Northridge Hospital Medical Center for treatment. During therapy, Adrienne prepared to receive two prostheses: One for her left hand and forearm and another for her right leg from the knee down. She then spent four months at the Center receiving Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Hand Therapy and Driver Preparation.

 “Under the direction of Thomas Hedge, MD, my treatment was tailored to my personal and specific needs,” she remembers. “The rehabilitation team inspired me to work harder for myself because they seemed so invested in getting me back on my feet. It was completely enveloping. In fact, it was hard to go back home to face the real challenges in everyday life because my care was so tailored to me at the Center.”

Seven months after the accident, she returned to work with help from an assistant is now thriving as a reporter and host of KABC’s Eyewitness Newsmakers. Read more of her story.

Community Re-Entry Therapy
During our weekly community re-entry therapy, an interdisciplinary treatment team helps patients return to routine activities such as going to the mall, grocery shopping, and eating at a restaurant. This therapy gives patients an opportunity to apply skills learned during their rehabilitation while focusing on safety and independence.

Therapists help patients to improve physical skills, memory, problem solving, social skills and time management. For easy access, patients are transported into the community in an air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible van with an electric wheelchair lift. For information, please call 818-885-5460.

Driver Preparation
We are the only hospital-based program in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive evaluation and training to individuals with physical, cognitive and/or perceptual disorders, which may interfere with the ability to drive safely. After an evaluation by an occupational therapist and a certified driving instructor, patients are trained to work with or compensate for their disabilities. Car and van evaluations are both available. The need for adaptive equipment is based upon evaluation, and assistance is provided to obtain all necessary adaptive equipment. For information, please call 818-885-5460.

Hand Rehabilitation is for individuals with upper extremity injuries and dysfunction. A personalized treatment plan is designed for each patient based on an evaluation by an occupational therapist with specialized training in hand rehabilitation. A full continuum of services emphasizes returning to the previous level of ability from the first onset of injury, which includes returning to work or the maximum level of activity. For information, please call 818-885-5330.

Occupational Therapy uses meaningful, functional activities to help patients become as independent as possible in self-care and other daily activities. The home environment is assessed as recommended by the therapy team. For information, please call 818-885-5460.

Physical Therapy restores maximum function through increasing mobility and strength and decreasing pain. Treatment may include: gait training; wheelchair skills; therapeutic exercise; pain relief modalities; muscle re-education; mobility training; pool therapy; and other appropriate treatment techniques. For information, please call 818-885-5334.

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