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Nursing Services

Dedicated Family Centered Care


Our goal is to provide the patient, their family and their friends with the best possible experience. We do this through the professional practice of nursing
. Nursing is a very dynamic process with constant reassessment of the patient and the treatment plan. Our nurses know that they are not only clinicians, but they are leaders and scientists.


Our nurses care for the whole person; their psychosocial needs, their spiritual needs and their physiological needs. We are very proud of our nurses at Northridge and the nursing care they provide.

We are currently pursuing the prestigious and rigorous Magnet designation. The national Magnet Recognition Program acknowledges healthcare organizations that provide nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practices and strategies. In 2005, US News & World Report even added Magnet status to its criteria for choosing America’s Best hospitals. Staff nurses are empowered to become more involved with management decisions and job functions.

Like all journeys, this one requires planning and preparation. We continue to make changes that reflect the true and deep commitment of Northridge Hospital to the professional practice of nursing. In an effort to meet this esteemed we created nursing unit-based councils made up of staff nurses. These councils give nurses a more formal voice to make decisions that affect their patients and professional practice.

Putting Our Patients First

Striving to Provide All the Comforts of Home

When you're not feeling well, it’s the special touches that count-like having everything you need for comfort within reach. That’s just one of many goals included in four new measures recently implemented by Northridge Hospital Medical Center’s nursing leadership, which focus on personalized care through increased one-on-one communication. By engaging patients as active players in their treatment and recovery plan, better outcomes can be achieved.

Personalized Care Times Four

  1. Rounding
    Nurses no longer wait to be called, but rather anticipate the needs of their patients by visiting them each hour or more during the day and every couple of hours at night. Our nurses will ensure important elements of care are addressed such as pain control, bathroom needs, body positioning, and that necessary items are within reach.
  2. Bedside Reporting
    Traditionally, at the change of each nursing shift, a patient report was given to the incoming nurse at the nursing station. Now, at the change of shift, the patient’s status and care are discussed at the patient’s bedside thereby facilitating interaction between the nurses and patients. This is an important time for patients and their families to ask questions about their care.
  3. Individualized Patient Preferences
    Much like a fine hotel, we enhance your hospital stay with your personal preferences and comfort needs. Food and beverage favorites, temperature preferences, and sleep schedules are written down so that caregivers can respond appropriately to the patient’s needs.
  4. Discharge Phone Calls
    In an effort to continually improve, we solicit our patients’ perception of their care through a follow-up telephone call and a mail-in survey to discuss their satisfaction.
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